Against Zoom's Native Interface

Loren (mcint) January 29, 2023 [Video Chat] #UI #UX #macOS

I dislike how the Zoom application behaves when it begins sharing. It splits into -- more components than I care to count -- splitting the Share Control Bar, Chat, Videos windows, and share target outline. Not to mention the Control Bar hides itself.

I'm frustrated by it in comparison to the browser based video calling applications I use more often, Jitsi and Google Meet, and Discord. The browser applications set my expectations, my standard for sensisbility, of a main video window with the primary focus of other faces or shared video, and keeping chat alongside.

Zoom's split into 4 separate parts, makes it hard to use Zoom and focus on the other tasks I'm already splitting my attention on.

I feel inspired to write by reading JeffK's posts. It's not that I think this is terribly important, but I do like to make a note, to share it, to find out if I can use a better process or if I can make the world, Zoom's design, more suited to my preferred uses. I'm one person, and I'm attending to an annoyance, by writing a blog post into a directory that does not, at time of writing, get built and published to the web, but I'm happy to take part in a system that tries to make things better on the margin.